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Re-Birth is the first volume of the My Own Mythology series. by Cristoph A. T.
Cover for the Re-Birth book. Volume one of the My Own Mythology series.

A Girl. A Goddess. A world of wonder.
For Anessa, death was just the beginning…

Originally from Earth, she finds herself transported to Anfang with one question:
“How did I die?”

Reborn into a family of wealth, privilege and magic, the expectations placed on her clash with her Earthen sensibilities.

As Anessa grows into her newfound place and power, she struggles with the notions of political marriages, inane rituals, and the awareness that her biggest threat may come from within.

Who do you trust when your first life was stolen by your best friend, and your latest sin is living?

Join Anessa on her debut journey in My Own Mythology — Re-Birth; get yours now!


Editorial Reviews


"Re-birth tells a compelling story with intriguing characters in a well-conceived fantasy world. ... I'm desperate to read book two as this one left me wanting more."
Literary Titan
"Reading My Own Mythology is a pleasure. With so much possibility in this vast new world, I yearned for more after the book ended. Good news is—this is the first installment of a new series, so I have more to look forward to."
 - Independent Book Review